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We can design you a new bathroom or rejuvenate your existing one to create that place to escape to when you need a little you time.


Mrs Jones - Rolleston, Burton Upon Trent

Chris Evans is also a specialist bathroom design and installation company providing everything from complete refurbishment and installation of bathrooms to shower rooms and spa baths. We provide a range of services for people wishing to refurbish existing bathrooms and for those creating additional bathrooms in extensions and new builds.

Fire Damage Repair- Stapenhill, Burton

All our services are tailor-made to your needs and we pride ourselves on making life easy and hassle free by ensuring we complete your project on time and to the highest standard of workmanship. Our friendly team always endeavours to carry out the works with consideration for your home and keeping disruption to a minimum. We ensure everything is run on time and budget.

Bathroom Suite Installation

We offer a choice of services, we can both supply and fit your new Bathroom Suite for you or we can simply install the suite you have already purchased.

  • Removal of the old Bath, basin and shower
  • Preparation of the walls
  • First fix electrical work
  • First fix plumbing work
  • Installation of the new suite
  • Second fix electrical work
  • Final fix plumbing
  • Leak testing the plumbing
  • Inspection and testing of electrical work
  • Certification of electrical and plumbing work
  • Wall & Floor Tiling
  • Site clearance

Unique Designs

Bathroom Design


e offer bespoke design, build and installation of high-quality bathrooms that live up to your expectations. A bathroom is a very personal living space that should reflect your lifestyle and individuality. At the same time meeting the demands of everyday use.

Chris Evans offer a friendly, professional service. We are passionate about providing you with a bathroom that is uniquely yours. We are a family run company with a commitment to quality and service excellence. Visit our Case Study section to see one of our recent installations.

Planning Your Dream Bathroom

Draw a Plan

Start off by creating a rough layout of your current bathroom including doors, windows, radiators, ventilation ducts, etc., and mark the existing plumbing and electrics including any pipes, sewage outlets and light switches, etc.

Get Creative

Once you have your existing layout complete, play around with the configurations of features in your bathroom such as moving your basin or bath tub to a different part of your bathroom. Keep in mind that, though it is possible to move a toilet or bath tub to a different position in your bathroom, you will need to extend pipes and outlets. Depending on what you want and your budget it is advised you try and stick to you bathrooms original inlet and outlet points making it easier for plumbing and electrical items. Don’t let this put you off, as you can still achieve a stylish bathroom by simply keeping your original bathroom features in place but rotating them to run parallel with a different wall. Is it any better? Does it create more or less room? Do you still have enough space between various bathroom features?

Spacious Thinking

Sometimes removing a particular feature such as a shower may help create more space in your bathroom, and you can always opt for a combined bath/shower too. However, we now live in the modern world, and showers are considered more accepted due to the space you save and that we tend to wash more frequently during the week. Depending on the space you have at your disposal, you can consider the bath tub a luxury item – a time for you to relax and soak up all the bubbles.

Use of Colours

A fashionable bathroom can easily be created by using a simple theme or choice of colours, adding a more inviting appeal into the room. Our website is filled with products of various shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, giving you plenty to let your mind mix and match to create the bathroom you have been dreaming of.

The Perfect Lighting

Light is very important in the bathroom. It can be used to set the mood, changing from a light to bright in the morning to a soft glow and relaxing in the evening. Think how light from your windows affects your bathroom; will you need more concentrated lighting for areas used for shaving and makeup application? Think about how light reflects of flooring and different surface finishes on furnishings, etc.


Showers & Baths

The bath's function

You need to think about how you will be using the bathtub. Above all, it should be comfortable. Make sure that the size and depth are appropriate for the bodies of those who will be using it. If you have the space, you may even opt for a two-person (double-ended) tub. If you're not sure about the size, go to a showroom and sit in a few.

A bathtub can also provide several therapeutic benefits.

  • Soaking in a tub lowers your blood pressure
  • Floating in the water puts less demands on the work your heart has to do
  • It helps to relax your muscles

A regular-sized bathtub is fine for relaxing your legs. For your back, you will want to submerge your whole body, which requires a deeper and sometimes longer bathtub.

Types of bath

Here are the most common styles of bath.

  1. Wall to wall alcove bathtubs. These are surrounded by three walls - easily the most popular style. They are usually 170-180cm long and are most commonly available in white. Some baths come with a side panel (and seperate panels are also available) although many people opt to tile the out-facing side of an alcove bath.
  2. Drop-in (or sunken) tubs are mounted on a platform, usually tiled, which may be in a corner or standing alone. They often have an oval shape. The surrounding panelling can be a good way to hide the plumbing for a whirlpool system.
  3. Freestanding (also known as clawfoot) baths have four legs and stand freely in the room allowing accress from all sides. We have sections for traditional, modern and freestanding whirlpool baths.
  4. Corner tubs are installed in a corner and typically have one rounded side exposed.

Choosing a Shower

In order to select the most economical type of shower it is important to recognise certain factors that can determine which shower is best for you. A mixer for example, would be the best choice in a household where both hot and cold water are supplied at equal pressure from the main storage system.

Most modern showers are designed to be flexible to different water pressures (such as stored hot water and cold mains). It is important to note whether or not the chosen shower is capable of coping with certain systems and can regulate a safe level of water through the boiler.

Such systems would include those of hot water being supplied from the mains via either a multipoint or combination boiler. To ensure the shower is adaptable to such conditions, it may be worth checking installation requirements with the manufacturer. 

Types of Shower

Push-on mixer:

The hose and spray parts of the shower can be connected to the bath tap as and when required. The water temperature can be adjusted via the taps. Most suitable for use over a bath.

It's a good choice because...
It is cheap and extremely simple to install.

It's not so good because... 
The hose connection though simple, is easily dislodged. Also, adjusting the temperature is inconveniently low and fiddly.

Bath/shower mixer:

Here, the hose and spray of the shower are combined with a bath mixer tap, and once again, the temperature can be adjusted through the bath taps. Most suitable for use over a bath.

It's a good choice because... 
It is very cheap and no extra plumbing is involved.

It's not so good because... 
Temperature control is low which can prove to inconvenient and it is fiddly to adjust.

Manual mixer:

The hose and spray of the shower are part of a wall unit and the hot and cold water supplies are connected to a single valve The temperature and pressure of the water are controlled either one or a variety of knobs (in more expensive showers).

It's a good choice because... 
It's height being part of a wall unit, makes temperature adjustment much more convenient.

It's not so good because...
It is more expensive than the previously mentioned mixers. Also, the hot and cold water supply pipes will need to be plumbed in.

Thermostatic mixer:

The hose and spray of the shower are part of a wall unit and the hot and cold water supplies are connected to a single valve. It is complete with a built in stabiliser to self-adjust the water temperature and to prevent it from becoming too hot.

It's a good choice because...
The controlled temperature makes it extremely convenient. Also the thermostat means that the temperature and flow of water should not be affected when water is being used elsewhere in the house.

It's not so good because...
It is the most expensive of the different mixer options.

Power shower:

A single unit containing a powerful electric pump which is capable of altering both the water pressure and temperature. This type of shower can be fitted provided that there is a water supply from a cold water cistern and a hot water cylinder.

It's a good choice because...
Both the pressure and temperature of the water are easily adjusted making it convenient to use.

It's not so good because...
It is not suitable for water heated directly by the shower or where the water is supplied by a combination boiler under mains pressure. Also, the removal of waste water can be slow if the waste pipe is not big enough. It is best to use a 50mm (2in) waste pipe if possible.

Electric shower:

A wall unit heated electrically, it is plumbed into a mains cold water supply. It is important to note that for this type of shower to be installed, the mains pressure needs to be at least 0.7kg/sq cm (10lb/sq in). The unit allows the temperature and pressure to be adjusted as appropriate via a knob.

It's a good choice because...
Some models have a stabiliser for the temperature so that the water supply remains unaffected by other taps elsewhere in use within the household. It can also ensure that the water supply does not run too hot or too cold.

It's not so good because...
Because the control knob only allows for the option of high temperatures at less pressure, or lower temperatures at a greater pressure, the spray is often weak in the winter when the mains water is colder. This problem is combated in some models which are available with a winter/summer setting. The unit must be wired to an electric power supply according to Electricity Board requirements. 

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