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Is your home bursting at the seams? A home extension can add much needed space and increase the value of your home.


Mr & Mrs Moore, Hartshorne

Front porch extension

With today’s stable economic situation and buoyant housing market, more and more of our clients are deciding to make sound investment in extending their homes . Our range of custom designed home extensions provide a traditionally designed solution to that age old problem of adding extra space to your house, complete with all those finishing touches that you would expect, such as high quality craftsmanship and full supervision throughout the building process. We can build one or two storey house extensions and again we are happy to ensure that the design meets not only with your approval but the relevant building standards. Our house extensions are often designed to add extra living space such as bedrooms, second lounge, bathroom, home cinema, dining areas or office and often the design can incorporate a combination of these. Key features of our house extensions include, open plan walk through from your house to extension and options to include Velux roof windows and vaulted or cathedral ceilings. The possibilities and options are endless but you'll be glad you entrusted your house extension project to - Chris Evans.

Home Extensions

Why move when you can improve your existing home? Extending your home can be the solution for gaining extra living space without the hassle of moving. It is also an effective way of increasing the value of your property.

We can be contracted to do everything for you from start to finish. This includes getting planning and building regulations approval through to carrying out the construction work until completion. Previous projects we have completed include single storey extensions, two storey extensions and major home extensions.


Converting the loft

Extending Up


here are a number of ways to extend your home. If you have a smaller home, terrace, bungalow or limited garden space, extending upwards may be your best option. Adding another level to your home will preserve garden space as well as bring more natural light into your home. Remember to plan the new rooms according to the views – the bedrooms and the living areas should receive the best views. The alternative to adding another level is to convert the existing loft or attic space into a living area.

Adding another floor level

Extending upwards is generally more expensive than extending outwards. In reality you will be adding extra weight onto the existing house and you need to be sure that it is able to handle the pressure. Some older style homes or package homes cannot withstand an upwards extension without some strengthening work. You will need the services of an engineer to ensure that extending upwards is structurally feasible. You may actually be told that it is impossible and to consider a knockdown rebuild. However, builders can work around structural limitations by distributing weight to different areas of the home, so it is vital that you work with an experienced extension builder or structural engineer for extensions and additions.

Converting your Loft or Attic space

Using the Attic or loft may be another way of extending upwards. This conversion costs about a third of the price of moving to a property with an extra room. You could also increase the value of your property by as much as 25 percent, especially if you are adding an extra bedroom and bathroom. However, not every attic can be turned into living space. You may need planning permission to convert your attic and all building regulations must be complied with.


Mr & Mrs Elson, Foston, Derbyshire

Rear Kitchen Extension

Extending Out


xpanding your home to suit your changing requirements is an excellent alternative, especially with the constant movement in the housing market. It is also the best way to increase the value of your property by adding extra rooms.

There are many ways to extend the living space in your home which would include:

  • Building single or two storey extension which can be bedrooms, dining room, extra or new kitchen areas, family rooms, bathrooms, utility rooms and entrance porches.
  • Existing rooms can also be enlarged or made smaller to accommodate new stairways etc.
  • Attic conversions can also add considerably to living areas within the house. We pride ourselves in our expertise at designing loft conversions
  • Constructing dormer windows to 1st floor rooms.

It is often said that we spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. By increasing the available space, via an extension, for family dining and seating, or accommodating all the appliances of a modern kitchen, we can make the most of this important family room.

Chris Evans Home Extensions team complete with a host of dedicated professional tradesmen take care of all aspects of the extension works, from initial design and getting all planning permission, to completing the work and all the finishing touches.

Garages of all types and styles can be designed and built including slate roof, tile roof or factory painted steel profile roof.


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We aim to provide you with the highest quality support to make Extending Your Home a great experience.
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