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We can design, supply and fit your new kitchen using high quality materials at great value.


Mr & Mrs Shipton - Burton Upon Trent

Whether you have chosen your new kitchen and want it fitted, or are looking for a bespoke design to meet your needs, Chris Evans can support you at any stage. Chris Evans Building Contractors can plan your kitchen design, supply your kitchen units and appliances or alternatively we can install our customers Kitchens from a wide range of manufacturers. Our installation team will fit any make of units, appliances, flooring, or tiling. Our team are quick, clean, and professional. We remove all your old kitchen units and appliances. This means that you can be confident that the installation of your new kitchen will be a hassle-free process. With all the advice and information you need, we can help you at every stage of your project. Contact us today and see how straight forward the installation of your new kitchen will be with Chris Evans. We also offer many other building services, such as Bathroom fitting, Extensions, Alterations, Windows, Doors and Conservatories.

Kitchen Installation

We offer a choice of services, we can both supply and fit your new kitchen for you or we can simply install a kitchen you have already purchased.

  • Removal of the old kitchen
  • Preparation of the walls
  • First fix electrical work
  • First fix plumbing and gas work
  • Installation of the cabinets, appliances and worktops
  • Second fix electrical work
  • Final fix plumbing and gas work
  • Test run all appliances
  • Inspection and testing of electrical work
  • Certification of gas and electrical work
  • Wall & Floor Tiling
  • Site clearance

Modern and Fresh Kitchens

Kitchen Design


e believe the key to any great kitchen lies in its design! We are experienced fitters, so can offer all the advice you may need.Use the contact form to arrange an appointment for one of our team to visit your home and plan your dream kitchen.

Choose from over 40 kitchen ranges to hundreds of worktops, taps, handles, appliances and clever storage solutions. Once you’re happy with your kitchen design you can rely on our experienced installers to complete the job to the very highest standard.

Planning Your Dream Kitchen

We’ll start as we mean to go on – in your kitchen. When you contact Chris Evans you’ll be put in touch with an experienced member of our team. Apart from being great at understanding what can be achieved, they’re also really good at understanding and interpreting your needs. Together you’ll draw up plans for your perfect kitchen and only when you are entirely happy with the design, will we begin to make your dream kitchen a reality. Our designers are up to speed with the very latest kitchen trends and technology so don’t be afraid to pick their brains.

Unlike other building contractors we use a carefully selected range of suppliers, therefore we can ensure a kitchen solution to perfectly match your taste and budget. We consider kitchen installation as a “total process” and will happily oversee the complete transformation of what we consider to be the most important room in any home.

Our complete, all-inclusive service takes care of all the planning and design and eliminates the hassle of having to find reliable builders, joiners, electricians and plumbers to fit your kitchen.

Kitchen Refurbishment

The kitchen is the hub of the home for many, and secretly, could always do with more storage, a smarter layout, or be a different colour… But looking at it financially, practically, and environmentally, throwing out a pretty decent kitchen and fitting a brand new custom kitchen is rightly the last thing on many people’s minds.

However, rather than putting up with less than perfect for another 10 years, there are creative alternatives to a full blown kitchen re-fit.

So, although you may have dismissed the option of a brand new Mark Wilkinson kitchen for tens of thousands, (or a B&Q kitchen, which isn’t exactly cheap as chips either), there is no reason why you can’t completely transform your current kitchen with a few smart modifications and upgrades – and end up with a more sophisticated new look at a fraction of the price and hassle of ripping out and starting afresh.

Before you go for a refurbishment

The considerations are:

Do you like the layout of your kitchen in its current state? If not, you would need to think about modifications. Too many modifications could be cost in-effective.

Are the doors in structurally good condition? Are the doors warped? Is the laminate lifting? If so, you can replace affected doors, or consider all new style of doors.

Are the carcasses water damaged? Sometimes water can leak down the back of sinks and rot out units. If this is the case, you are looking at the cost of employing a plumber and a fitter to remove and replace the sink and install a new base unit. On the plus side, it is a good opportunity to upgrade your sink and taps at the same time.

In conclusion

Refurbishments aren’t necessarily a cheap option, so if you have a very limited budget, you might want to focus on new handles and general redecorating only. But in comparison to a new kitchen, the above refurbishment ideas on average are 10-20% the cost of a new kitchen. (They can be from as little as 5% up to 40% at worst!)

For many people, it is fast becoming unacceptable to add perfectly good timber components to the local landfill in the name of fashion. On many levels, kitchen refurbishment is a stylish and rewarding way to buy time and extend the useful life of the hub of your home.

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